Sirius BC#9 Drum+Bass United Records

Sirius is a multi media release. It’s great as an audio track, but even better when experienced with the accompanying video. A collage of swirling vortexes and flashing orbs that add to the song without dominating your attention. Pull it up on your big screen, then crank up the monitors to ride out this crazy time on a wave of music and camaraderie. It’s another solid and uplifting song from BC#9, and a great addition to both the Drum+Bass United Records catalogue and to your own next Drum+Bas playlist. Special thanks to Invalid @invalidproductions for helping get this track across the finish line. Cheers! Tim Dunleavy. Mastered @Sine Sound Mastering

Sirius is not just the name of a satellite music service, it’s also the brightest star in the sky. A star that guided explorers across the open sea in the days before GPS. This star is the foundation of many religious celebrations, from ancient times to the present day. A guiding light that was named for a mythical creature as well as a spiritual influence, is now a modern musical medium. Sirius is the perfect name for the new multi media release by BC#9 on the DNB UNITED label. “Are you ready for Star Time?”, the voice of James Brown asks, after a brief introduction of the theme, then off we go! Sirius is a sonic upbeat Drum+Bass anthem for a downtrodden time. As many of us have been holed up at home, waiting for the pandemic to ride over us and hopefully fade to a distant horizon, music can be the guiding star that leads us to better times. The optimism of this track is a tonic for the quarantined soul. BC#9 puts the funk in this one. The beat pushes forward through swells like those navigated by ancient mariners. It is steady and insistent, with the occasional quick stop to catch our breath, before we are once again swept up and away. Instrumentation is full, yet uncluttered, leaving plenty of room for us on the dance floor. It’s occasional sparseness and deceptive simplicity, then swells to crescendos and eases back again, like waves in a tropical lagoon on a clear summer evening. Along the way, accents and variations drop into the track like unexpected friends. These moments create scenes of their own. It feels like you’re walking along a beachfront road full of shops and clubs, stopping along the way to talk and dance with friends. An unexpected midweek adventure, close to home, that culminates I in a descending scale of gentle triumph. In the end, I’m on a quiet bench, arms stretched across the back, looking out at the starlit ocean. Tim Dunleavy.

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