Within the gaps in the cosmos and spread out amongst the stars exists a single force, one as equally integral to the worlds it envelopes as the very matter of which they are made up as it is antithetical to their existence. In its base state it is inert, idling within the dark corners of the universe with unparalleled destructive potential It does not rest alone within these far reaches of the universe however, for therein further lurk imperceptible beings capable of binding its discrete yet devastating power into weapons capable of sundering entire worlds. Though few of their ilk remain, such beings are driven by inhuman intentions, with an unending hunger for the destruction borne of their malevolent craft. Their machinations can only be glimpsed through those most frightening of words, and their desires can only bring about the most cataclysmic of events. Naught but for one tale of their kind remains and it is not one told lightly, for the fear of attracting their attention comes at its every telling.

It was once that there was a sister planet to our world, inhabited by a people much like us. Through manipulation of that same cosmic force, we had created gateways between our worlds, and traded often in the unique resources of which each planet possessed. The civilizations of both worlds thrived in this ancient time, as each learned and shared with the other through their unique interconnectedness. Yet all of this was watched from afar by pairs of jealous eyes, set within heads that wished not to see others learn the secrets of their craft. Thus it was on that fateful day when the moon came before the sun that all amongst both worlds beheld a terrible sight. Towering within the void that separated them was an indescribable creature that bellowed a single phrase: one world would end, one would be saved, and their link would never be again. Then in an instant upon our sister world came its fury, rending it to pieces as though wielding in its hand the LOBZIK which you know. In mere moments the link had been severed by the creature’s cataclysmic power, and in the sky above lay the fragments of the world to which it had once led. With the showing of the sun the creature was suddenly gone, it’s message made clear by what it had done. Thus it is that I tell this story with care, wary that I am of the hand which brought the LOBZIK to bear. PSYNCHRO deliver their debut EATBRAIN release with the LOBZIK EP, following their appearance on the label’s DIVERGENCE II compilation which released last year. Featuring the trio’s jagged edged sonics and collaborations with further rising artists including Ridley Dynamics & Toyfon, LOBZIK sees the Russian trio tear their way to the front of the EATBRAIN horde with a four track EP that leaves nothing behind.