Code Smell is a new label established in 2020 with a clear mission to push dark, funky, high quality, and forward thinking Drum & Bass. The sound of the label is dirty, fierce, and razor-sharp neurofunk with an edge. This debut release from the new label features funky unfiltered stinkers from Disphonia, Transforma, Bytecode, and The Prophecy. It will undoubtedly satisfy the needs of even the most demanding neurofunk addict. The first track “Guillotine” by Disphonia may start off with a blissful and pleasant atmosphere - almost dreamy - but it is not long until the bleeding bassline hits. The second track “Plagues” by Transforma creates tension from the moment you hit play, and is bound to keep your head nodding and feet moving with its rock-infused vibe. Label boss, Bytecode, brings the track “Kinetic” which sets off with a cinematic atmosphere that drops into a big bowl of bouncy bass and extremely funky drum-work. Lastly, The Prophecy delivers the “Vaccsine” which is an adventurous track that really tells a story from beginning to end.

The label is the brainchild of Drum & Bass producer Bytecode (part of Instinkt). He has high ambitions for the label and wants it to be at the forefront of Drum & Bass and be a premier supplier of the absolute finest and most uncompromising neurofunk. This release will be available for a two week exclusive on Beatport and Spotify from 1st of June, 2020. After the exclusive period, it will be available on all major retailers.