Goldie / Photek - Still Life / The Rain (Photek Remixes) (2020 Remasters) Hidden Agenda - Dispatches

Set up in 1996 with the intention of showcasing the pinnacle of Metalheadz remixes, Razors Edge has produced some of the labels most well known tracks including 001 which we're delighted to be releasing digitally for the first time. One of our most requested releases, this is prime Photek with 2 killer remixes straight from the Headz history books.

Released 5th June 2020 on Metalheadz.

Back in 1996 Hidden Agenda put out their 4th and perhaps one of their most well known Metalheadz releases. 24 years on and we're proud to present the remastered release featuring the 2017 version of 'Dispatches #1' from the 'Bass Camp' compilation, and a brand new, never heard before remaster of 'Dispatches #2'. This is cutting edge drum and bass from a duo that played a big part in shaping the genre from the mid-90s onwards.

Released May 29, 2020 on Metalheadz