Spekski - Beg / Veil/Divination Recordings

Having majored in both classical composition and film scoring at Berklee College of Music, Spekski is an undisputed master of musical wizardry, his expertise reaching far beyond the realms of drum 'n bass but highly omnipresent in his impressive and unique sound design, with tracks taking you on a journey that will no doubt leave it's mark on you. This fresh two tracker on Divination - the perfect home for any soundtrack to the occult and the mystical - is testament to Spekski's craft. The Los Angeles based label, hellbent on bringing drum 'n bass that would get you thrown on the pyre in Medieval times to the masses, conjures up a strong offering to the divine overlords of all things 174 bpm with this one. A magical brew of precision risers, meticulously crafted kicks and flesh cutting neuro stabs, the cordial concentrate that is Beg is as devilishly heavy as it is idyllically enchanting. Ominous and inauspicious synth work l eads you into this doomy yet powerful incantation of sound that is sure to put a spell on you from the moment you hit play. Classical music scoring interwoven with strong, aggressive yet soothing neuro bass stabs take center stage in the sonic panacea that is Veil. Continuing the vibe set impressively by Beg, Veil continues the journey into the auditory realms where the paranormal meets the nefarious in one primordial aural soup. Divination and Spekski have congregated to brew a powerful harmonious elixir of composition and production that would make Dumbledore himself proud. Hear for yourself and get entranced. Beg / Veil is due out for worldwide release on 7 July 2020 as the moon begins to wane.