VALE Cyberglobe Remix EP voljum Maynix, Mind, Smigonaut

One of the most successful releases on VALE gets the full remix treatment. Voljum’s “cyberglobe” EP see’s a varied and inspired series of remixes by label mainstays in Maynix, Mind, Smigonaut, and Uprising. T1. The title track “cyberglobe” receives an utterly funky and detail-oriented rethink by textural guru Maynix. T2. Smigonaut digs into his signature toolkit to introduce an impossibly clean and irresistible bop to the timeless “electric forces”. T3. The sound design treasure trove “conceptual” finds a dark and encapsulating halftime remix by burgeoning producer Mind. T4. The remix EP closes with an aggressive reimagination of “until the last breath” by Uprising, where attacking sound design and song progression come en force. This cyberglobe Remix EP is but one additional step for this project, with physical manifestations soon to come.