Black Opps // Return Of The Samurai EP

BLACK OPPS makes his debut on IN:DEEP MUSIC with his latest EP entitled RETURN OF THE SAMURAI. Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, BLACK OPPS’ decade and a half of immersion within the Drum & Bass scene as a DJ and half decade of work within its intricacies as a producer have seen him pursuing his sound in lockstep with the genre’s own progression from his earliest performances to his releases on labels including Addictive Behavior, Soulvent, and Booey Audio. Finding a niche for his productions within the genre’s darker and more minimal side, BLACK OPPS now joins the like minded IN:DEEP MUSIC for a four track EP full of storied tales built upon these same sorts of sonic sequences. The EP is opened by its title track, which intersperses pulsations of shakuhachi flute and classic film samples atop a gently undulating bassline that hones itself evermore towards a more ferocious character. SHADOWS floats out as the EPs second track to follow, abounding in the echoes left by its predecessor’s ferocity amongst a set of swirling saw wave synths. Emerging from SHADOWS lies the ominous atmosphere of THE PATH, which builds with a cacophony of airy bell tones before parting their misty milieu to reveal the solitary course of the track’s singularly powerful bassline. The EP is then finished with CEREMONY, within which is delivered a sharply orchestrated sequence of percussion wrapt with a torsion wrought low end that lashes out in response to the former’s deft guidance.

RETURN OF THE SAMURAI sees BLACK OPPS’ first release on IN:DEEP MUSIC arrive marked by the veterancy of it’s producer’s long history as a sonic warrior. Composed of four tracks that cleave tightly to exacting principles of depth in minimal composition, BLACK OPPS’ works find a welcome home on IN:DEEP MUSIC in which producer, label, and composition alike are all guided by a singular commitment to sonic darkness.