Maztra // UP EP /High Resistance

Everyone is looking for a path, purpose, being on a high. The hard way of the musician is paved with thousands of failures and shocks. As an artist, musician follows this way responsibly, taking and absorbing everything that happens around and transferring it to the canvas. In our time, music is a place where you can hide and forget everything, be one-on-one, just yourself and the composer. Music teaches us to love and empathize. Its energy penetrates you and never leaves... It gives a feeling that makes you withstand when the whole world has turned on you. All these words have no meaning without music. We go to our hero who is not familiar with the fear of failure and goes all the way. This guy grew up and lives in a provincial town shrouded in darkness. Alone, he fights for justice and his place under the sun. This mini-album expresses a protest against all the fears, hatred, and lies that have filled the world, and conveys all the love for music, its pure energy. This mini-album will take you to the world of purity, love, and happiness; the utopian world that only art, especially music, gives us.

Track When I am with you sends you to the coast of a beautiful bay where you enjoy the sunset and hug your loved one. At that moment you feel all the colors of life and understand that there is nothing more important than love. It is a crazy feeling that blows your mind. It reminds you of the exaltation you experienced from the slightest breeze when you were a kid. The composition Grey clouds ballad is about resistance. If the sky has turned gray, it is no reason to give up. It reminds you that the sun shone once and it shone brightly. So pull yourself together and become sun! In Never be found, enlightenment and uplift came into your life and no one will ever find that weak young man inside you who used to be worried and want to give up. Never! He has become a grown man and got a grip on himself. From now on, forward only! The last track UP is about the idea that you can’t keep a good man down. Be ready for anything, do not give up and the universe will reward you for it. Look back and think about how much you learned from working on your past errors. Here we are at the end of this wonderful story. I hope you have found something for yourself in this album.