Shadow Net Recordings Stenchman & Meloki // 4th Child (Joe Ford Remix)

Joe Ford is no stranger to the techy side of dnb and not afraid to push things to the limits to get a new sound. SNR is honoured to have Joe on board for a remix of the 4th Child track by Stenchman & Meloki. The original caught my attention when it first aired on Noisia Radio as a listener submission . SNR Believing in the artists work had the track remastered by Joe him self and remixed also!

Stenchman and Meloki are a core part of the SNR crew and we support them very much in this triple heavy weight release, both having been charting for years in the dubstep scene their talents have not gone under the radar of many labels and events, Meloki is a regular at Rough Tempo and one has only to look at Stenchmans following to see they are two great artists in it foirmther long hall. Joe Ford has seen a whole lot of absolute quality, releases sig ned a serires of brilliant releases to the Shogun Audio team , then making a more agressive side of neuro with his EP on EATBRAIN and recently on Korsakov Music, here he brings an excellently clean and brutal sc-fi enfused roller for Scout 22's Shadow Net Recordings imprint.