Phaction - Ubiquitous EP //Fanu Legacy EP Metalheadz

We are thrilled to welcome Phaction back to the label for a follow up to last years debut Metalheadz EP, one which garnered support far and wide. This time jumping over to Metalheadz Platinum for the 'Ubiquitous EP', Phaction has conjured up 4 uncompromising solo cuts that combine his passion for creativity and discernible production talents. The Cypriot-born producer has taken the word 'ubiquitous' quite literally with an overarching soundscape bound to fit the dancefloor as much as anywhere else, constructing a body of work that impresses from start to finish.

Released September 4, 2020 on Metalheadz

Fanu's characteristic crunch is consistent throughout as he joins forces with fellow countryman Infader for the title track which sits above 3 solo cuts, 1 of which drops the tempo just as his previous offering did. Ice cold breaks and galactic atmospherics drive each track along effortlessly, with Fanu laying down his own methods which have brought about his reputable nature as both a producer and trusted mastering engineer.