Nesium // Coffee Drip & Pillars Locked Concept

Hailing from North Carolina, US, Nesium makes his debut on Locked Cocept with two innovative and forward thinking tracks, pushing the limits of what dance floor drum and bass can be. LCKD023 begins with the driving four to the floor energy of 'Coffee Drip'. Delicate and melodic pads float above the gnarled bass line and relentless 4/4 beat structure before giving way to a brilliantly unpredictable bridge, throwing all conventions aside. 'Pillars' follows with the same juxtaposed mind set in production, lush and dreamy pads layered across a monstrous bass line and intricate drum work. Like the A side, 'Pillars' tows the line between dark and bright, relentless but energetic. LCKD023 Nesium's contributions to the Locked Concept's catalogue are the perfect addition to the label that continues to push forward-thinking and intricate drum and bass.