Dub Shotta Benny Page, Sublow Hz - Secret Admirer ft. Samo-T, Shav A

Following up on an astonishing array of releases across many top notch labels such as Bad Taste, Citrus or Optiv’s Red Light Records and appearances on Kosen Productions, C4C Limited and a few more, the notorious Xeomi & Kaiza have once again teamed up! Since their inception last year the two have coined the term‚ Koreastep‘ to describe their idiosyncriatic take on contem- porary Drum & Bass whilst maintaining an amusing sense of humor. We’re more than happy to offer you an absolute fierce and colorful EP courtesy of the duo filled with a lot of noise (in this case: heavy drumwork, big basslines and mind-blowing creativity).

##bennypage #dubshotta #samo #secretadmirer #dnb #jungle