EKOU Recordings ,The Voice of Ekou // VA Remixes Compilation

Remixers: A K A, Creatures, Ill Truth, Molecular, NickBee, Nymfo, Phentix, Rizzle and Volatile Cycle.

Release Dates: 5th of February 2021 (exclusive to Beatport and Bandcamp) / 19th of February 2021 - Available in all stores

"It has been a year and 5 months since we've had our first ever release. We wanted to do something special when we've hit the one year mark but unfortunately due to the world being upside down and with all the uncertainty regarding pretty much every aspect of human life, we've had to delay the celebration a little bit. It actually turned out very well and we are over the moon with what we are about to unveil.

After 11 releases since we started operating we decided it was time to do something we will try to make a tradition of: every year we want to have artists we really look up to remixing tracks that came out on our beloved imprint taking a completely different approach on some of the tunes that make our brand live on.

For our 1st edition of "The Voice of Ekou - VA Remixes Compilation" we managed to gather 9 artists that are in our eyes the full spectrum of what we have to offer in terms of Drum and Bass. And with no further delays we would like to present the names that actually don't need any introduction. The artists involved in this project are: A K A; Creatures; Ill Truth; Molecular; NickBee, Nymfo, Phentix; Rizzle and last but not least Volatile Cycle.

Some of these names are some usual suspects in our label and some others are some producers we rate very highly! We hope you like this release as much as we do! Enjoy the 9 awesome remixes these guys came up with. These will be out on the 5th of February. #thisisthevoiceofekou" #ekou #neurofunk #remixes #dnb #bassproducer