Elevation EP NU Venture Records

[A] Absence Of Self - If I Could:

Opening the new Elevation EP release series from Nu Venture Records, is UK artist and label newcomer Absence Of Self, with his track If I could. An amalgamation of different styles with inspiration taken from many of the leading sub genre producers to create this fusion of 80's electronic and modern Dancefloor Drum & Bass. Energetic drums work alongside a catchy lead synth, which dominates from the drop, to keep the energy levels high throughout and set the tone for this 4 track EP.

[B] Lucy Amado - What A Feeling (Ground Unit Remix):

Ground Unit returns to Nu Venture Records with a remix of a vocal track from singer songwriter Lucy Amado. Taking on official remix duties for Lucy's second single; What A Feeling, an 80's inspired synth wave track. Ground Unit utilises that timeless sound to maintain the feel and sentiment of the original, as his Drum & Bass version combines Lucy's beautiful vocals with high lead synths, deep bass and rolling drums. An Impressive blend of 2 genres celebrating nostalgic flavours and energetic Dancefloor vibes!

[C] KNGHT - Bombinate:

Bombinate begins with a very melodic and subdued approach with enticing and dreamy pads resonating throughout the intro. Atmospheric strings accompany a soft piano melody in the build up to the first drop, before big epic synths are unleashed. High energy drums and a catchy saw synth melody then provide real power to this track and elevate the intensity to the next level. A contrasting track with a fine balance between melodic and fast tempo Dancefloor Drum & Bass.

[D] T-Trider - Your Soul:

T-Trider features on NVR for the second time in 2020 with his track Your Soul, composed in his signature energetic style. From the onset the intro is laden with atmospheric pads before being joined by vocoder vocals and lively 80's influenced drums. Uplifting melodies then combine together with a pulsating bassline and dancefloor orientated synths to enhance the flow of the track and complete this fast paced and elevating EP.