Fred V - Apeldoorn Jamming / Atmosphere (feat. Lottie Jones)

As we head towards 2021, Fred V begins a brand new chapter. Fresh and innovative, he takes a leap from ‘Proximity’ and travels the ‘Distance’ in body and soul as he draws on organic inspiration from his enchanting new home in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. His euphoric new single ‘Apeldoorn Jamming’ brings Fred V’s multi-instrumentalist abilities into play, along with Lottie Jones’ heart-wrenching vocals in B-side ‘Atmosphere’, this magical two-track release overflows with emotion and electricity. ‘Apeldoorn Jamming’ sets the scene with glassy guitar notes, funky bass licks and twinkling ambience. Euphoria builds; heavy-hitting drums propel the track forward and wobbly basslines ride the waves of ecstasy beneath. In contrast, crisp jungle drums and melancholic strings bring us back down to sobering shades of contemplation, interwoven with persistence, hope and beauty. ‘Atmosphere’ opens with muffled piano keys and delicate guitar noodling before Lottie Jones’ heavenly vocals wash over. Having featured on Fred V’s half-time title track ‘Proximity’ released last year, Lottie’s vocals take centre stage here, pushing boundaries on this soulful liquid journey. One for the singalong crew! As Fred V continues to shape and perfect his feel-good sound as a solo artist, there’s no denying that the future is brighter than ever for Fred’s musical prowess. With radio support from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, René LaVice and Kiss FM, we’re excited to see where ‘Apeldoorn Jamming’ takes Fred V next! Released on Hospital Records

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