High Resistance Despersion ft.2Whales,Tesla Coil // Wake UP EP

High Resistance presents HIRE012 "Wake UP" EP by Despersion ft.2Whales,Tesla Coil

The final chord in this full of releases year is an uncompromising bomb from the team of comrads.

This is the final Chapter on which we left the most delicious things.

A team of big bens led by Despersion prepared 3 dance floor bangers that will please any even the most sophisticated listener.

The mini album is imbued with Russian neuro sound.With dirty ragged and absolutely vibe-like Motifs and vocal inserts,

2 Driving collabs led by their solo track "Wake Up".

It will plunge you into the world of rave, the world of real Neurofunk.

Prepare for launch! We're starting!

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