IN:DEEP Music Komax // Destiny EP

KOMAX makes his IN:DEEP MUSIC debut with his latest EP, “DESTINY”. A rising Russian artist with previous releases on T3K Recordings and Live History, KOMAX now comes to IN:DEEP with five tracks that resonate with both low frequencies and the deep and technical focus of the IN:DEEP label. Opened by the it’s own title track, the DESTINY EP quickly slides into a groove that flows upon the energy of sharp kickdrums and the undulating bassline frequencies that they emanate. PURE then follows with an opening of a more melodic nature, wherein it’s consonant leads flit with a motion that imbues the track with an atmosphere of levity even amidst the considerable weight of its primary bass sequence. KUTHULU is the next track to rise from the EP’s depths, presenting an eldritch atmosphere punctuated with percussive patterns that cut through its murky milieu. PUSH! comes next in the EP, and follows through on the promise of its title as it pushes its myriad sonic elements within the DESTINY EP’s most frenzied track, which weaves multiple rhythmic & tonal elements together for the creation of a crisscrossing matrix of considerable magnitude.WALL-E closes the EP with pads of a ponderous nature that are set adrift amongst a syncopated set of percussive impacts that find themselves occasionally overcome by synthesized subfrequencies of a distinctly mechanical nature. With DESTINY, KOMAX displays a diverse array of sonic selections on IN:DEEP MUSIC, delving into depth at the EP’s beginning and floating amongst drifting atmospheres by its end. An exploratory EP born of KOMAX’s many influences, DESTINY comes to IN:DEEP MUSIC drawn by the gravity of artists and label’s fated sonic interactions.

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