Korsakov Music Droptek // Symbiosis Remixed Part 2

4 December Spotify & Beatport Exclusive 20 December Worldwide Release April 2019. Droptek unleashes his 18 track debut album Symbiosis onto Korsakov Music and the rest is history. Noisia, Camo & Krooked, Black Sun Empire, MUZZ, Koven and even Pendulum all repped the originals and also many of the first 9 remixes on Droptek - Symbiosis Remixed Part 1, culminating in Pendulum playing Sentient (Joe Ford Remix) on their groundbreaking Spitbank Fort Livestream. Now, Symbiosis Remixed returns with Part 2, with a roll call as hench as any. AKOV decides he’s had enough of all that genre nonsense and turns Revolver into arguably the most ridiculous track he’s ever made, offering a staggering 122 bpm breakbeat spectacle that’s set to knock out everybody brave enough to hear it. Brand new Korsakov Music signees PRFCT Mandem show off their musical prowess and impeccable production skills on their complete techstravaganza that is their Cyclic Remix. High Maintenance and Polygon both give their highly unique and recognizable twists on Illusions - the most popular track on Symbiosis by a mile, blessed by the enchanting and magic vocal performance of Holly Drummond. AC13 flips title track Symbiosis in truly ridiculous fashion, turning a bona fide roller hit into a futuristic piece of controlled chaos set to tear dancefloors up across the world. Mean Teeth and Wingz manage to turn the respective album opener and closer The Expanse and The Spire into some of the most clever remixing you’ll hear in a long time, offering wildly different yet equally impressive takes on the beginning and the end of Symbiosis LP. Where Levela goes murky roller on Devoid, L3mmy Dubz goes all out jump up destroyer on Criptos (Bad Sound). Droptek - Symbiosis Remixed Part 2 twists and turns, bends but doesn’t break, it surprises, excites, amazes and shocks and goes into every possible corner of the drum & bass spectrum, Korsakov Music style. Perhaps the only thing even better is that not one, but TWO more parts are coming in this remix series. You have been warned…..

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