Liberty Dub BC#9 Drum+Bass United Records

We will look back on this raw era, and know it was punk rock at it’s fullest. This is not a graceful period for the weak, or the weak minded. It’s time of change, a time of recognition, and a time of civil and racial equality granted to those who have earned the gaze of liberty upon their shoulders. DNB United Records Founder and Artist BC#9, hosts the pre election, mid pandemic, post "normal" age, theme song known rightfully as “Liberty Dub”. This is track reaching over 7 minutes takes one for ride with classic breaks and surging jungle bass sends. It features 3 main sections, with the tail end honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s, I have a dream speech. Just as we celebrated the march on Washington. Originally this song was completed for distribution on July 4th 2020, however due to its length and powers against Liberty itself, it is now being release 2 months later in September. Without losing ground or hope, BC#9 decided to give the track an extra set of legs by honing in on the premaster sound quality, all while disputing the track distribution issues, then having it remastered once more just in time for a secondary distribution attempt, true story. Let this song bring peace to the United states, and peace to those who have suffered indifference around the globe. Let this song push for a continued peace in the DNB community at large and bring gratitude for what we have; which is a diverse multi cultural unique scene to be proud of. Liberty Dub will be available on Juno Download, Beatport, and Spotify on [Sept. 30/2020] Best Regards An average American.