Nu:Tone - Jonas

Nu:Tone is a name that instinctively populates in a seasoned drum & bass brain upon hearing the words Hospital Records. With five solo studio albums to boast, as well as a wealth of singles and EPs, Nu:Tone’s tracks can always be heard across dancefloors and throughout the festival circuit. Since joining the Hospital Records A&R team and setting up his own mixing and mastering business his ‘own music took a bit of a backseat’. It’s been six long years since Nu:Tone’s seminal ‘Future History’ album in 2014 and now Hospital is thrilled to present the creative mastery that is ‘Little Spaces’. ‘Jonas’ brings old-school flavours into 2021 with a slick introduction infused with half-time breaks, before cutting to the chase as some of the most meticulously crafted drums and a killer bassline take centre stage. “Back in January 2020 I had a dream one night that I was holding my new album, and it had the words ‘Little Spaces’ on the front. I wrote that down as soon as I woke up, and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. As much as I love playing at festivals and huge events, I feel most at home in a small capacity club, in a DJ booth rather than on a stage. This is music that hopefully still makes sense when it’s listened to in all the ‘little spaces’ that we find ourselves in at the moment. I’m really excited to play this music on a big system when society finally opens back up. Until then, I hope this album will be a source of comfort or distraction, in whatever little space you find yourself listening to it.” - Nu:Tone

Released on Hospital Records

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