Othercide Records Switch Technique // V LP

"Dear listener, as this project is a package of thoughts and ideas, please listen to the merged version of the album to experience the whole concept. Enjoy "


Ancient rocks have recorded the pivotal moments in Earth's planetary evolution, of which humans only represent the very last speck of time.

You can use this information as guide or a forecast, or explanation of why it seems so lonely in this part of the galaxy. You could also use it to gain some perspective about the legacy that you want to leave behind, on the planet that You call “Home."

Itʼs a home that we have to take care of, as it has been taking care of us for hundreds of thousands years up to this day. “Home,” a blue sphere in vast, black space. Our Home has its limits of existence and we can't exist without it.

But Home can exist without us... Explore the history of a human being through this musical journey, accompanied by the sounds of nature. Immerse yourself in its indigenous tribe vibe, experience the spark of civilization and then its fall and apocalyptic fade.

We live, whether we like it or not, in age of transition. The only question is how it will end... With deliverance from the destructive activities of human beings, or equally, disaster.

- on behalf of millions of inspirations, Switch Technique —————

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