PRFCT Mandem // Hyperdrive EP

Hey you! Yeah you with that cheeky about-to-go-back-to-work face. Wipe away the tears of joy at your first bookings in half a year, forget lockdown even existed and chow down on some fully-fresh produce from one of the most exciting breakthrough duos to emerge in recent D&B years, PRFCT Mandem. A girl/boy Manchester-based duo who accelerated to fame on Bloc2Bloc in 2019, PRFCT Mandem made such an impression on the Korsakov Music bossman AL/SO when they submitted a track to the label’s recent ‘Future Stars’ collection he snapped them up for a whole EP. That EP was their hair-raising debut release ‘Formation’ back in June. Now fully formed, fully refreshed and fully stocked with more sparkling gully juice, they reload with ‘Hyperdrive’, their most brazen and comprehensive EP to date. The clue is in the title; this is fast lane tackle designed solely for those first big dances many of us are getting to play over the coming months. From the tightly coiled robotic spring and sci-fi sheen of opener ‘Conflict’ to the big dancefloor hook and mechanical funk of the title track, there’s no hiding from the Irish/Latvian duo’s sheer weight and production obscenity. Other tricks they have up their Hyperdriven sleeves include the ironically-titled yet fully devilish 4/4 stomper ‘Stay Quiet’, the raffish head-turning diesel turbine bass funk of ‘Contact’ and the finessed finale ‘Innosense’. A step back from the crazy chaos of the rest of the EP, this one concludes the release sweetly and subtly with a springy, purring alien bass slinking in and out of a pared back steppy rhythm. Once again, don’t the believe the title… There’s nothing innocent about the sounds PRFCT Mandem are cooking up right now. And we suspect there’s nothing innocent about you either. Let’s get back to work!