Subtle Element // Shuffle City EP EKOU Recordings

Our release in the month November is an Ep from a producer with a very particular and peculiar style. We would like to present you the "Shuffle City Ep" by Subtle Element. Subtle Element is a drum and bass producer living in Bristol, UK. He has released with labels such as Sofa Sound Bristol, Dispatch Recordings, Symmetry Recordings, Engage Audio, 16 Step, Vandal and Counterpoint.

His productions have seen support from some of the leading names in drum and bass such as - Noisia, Break, DLR, S.P.Y., Bailey, Doc Scott, Kyrist, Philth, Foreign Concept and more. Constantly working hard on pushing the boundaries within his music.

This Ep is composed of 4 tracks that are 100% representative of his signature sound and it fits very well with what our imprint has been putting out too. "Enjoy it", "Shuffle City", "Fiend" and "That Moment will be available for purchase on the 16th of November of 2020!

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